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Soups, sammies and noodle bowls. Inspired by the streets of Saigon, repping Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.






What's the first Vietnamese food that pops to mind for you? Phở? Bánh mì? Vermicelli? There are so many more! But, we understand these are the dishes most of us recognize. 

If "PHO" and "BANH MI" made a baby, you would get "Pho Mi." And it's Pho Mi, Pho You. 

Let's start with the basics. We are serving Pho, Banh Mi's and Bun's.

Phở is just one of many, many, MANY noodle soups in Vietnam, but this is the KING OF SOUPS. In all actuality, phở refers to the rice noodles, not the soup itself. But it's become synonymous with the staple soup served with various meat parts (usually beef or chicken), bean sprouts, lime wedges, the essential greens (basil, mint, cilantro, and onions), and whatever chili sauce and fish sauce.

Phở is the BK of soup, "Have it your way." It's 100% up to you. You can season your soup however you like, sweet, spicy, sour. The northern-style phở in the is typically defined by a clearer broth whereas the southern-style broth tends to be more robust. It is sweeter and murkier from all of the added sauces, herbs and other garnishes. We lean towards the latter as Mamma T is from Saigon. 

Now, what whatever you do, don't confuse the Bun with the Banh Mi. Banh means 'bread', be it made of either wheat or rice. "Bun" dishes always involves some rice vermicelli with some kind of protein or soup. 

Lastly, speaking of sauces, let's pause for a second to honor nước chấm. This is LIQUID GOLD. It is on every table, at every meal, every single day. It's amalgam of fish sauce, lime juice, chili, garlic, and sugar. It is salty, tangy, spicy, fishy, sweet and exactly what you want for dunking, dipping. It's downright perfect.